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CultivateInsight™ Individual Activation

Cultivate Your Personal Brand

Your Individual Activation Plan will be personalized and tailored to fit your preferred working style, with concrete steps and deliverables.

Myers-Briggs MBTI® and FIRO-B® Assessments ★ Manage Your Career Progression ★ Market Yourself for the Job You Want ★ Mentoring & Coaching

Service Offerings

  • Assessing and understanding your work preferences

  • Developing your personalized messaging to communicate more effectively

  • Preparing case studies and testimonials to support your messaging

  • Writing your resume, interview guide, LinkedIn profile, and correspondence

  • Role-playing interview practice sessions

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Team Activation

Fuel People Success

Strengthen team dynamics by inspiring inclusion and action for delivering on a shared purpose. Build trust, insight, and engagement among team members.

Myers-Briggs MBTI® and FIRO-B® Assessments and Workshops ★ Stakeholder Engagement ★ Team Building ★ Recognition Programs

Team Activation Options

  • Developing team mission, vision, and shared purpose   

  • Training for communications, change, and handling stressful situations

  • Discovering and understanding working preferences to cultivate collaboration

  • Defining team value proposition and marketing service offerings

  • Facilitating team building activities around personal and team insights

  • Organizing team engagement and recognition activities


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Organizational Activation

Empower​, Inspire, and Engage

Simplify your goals into actionable steps for small to large-scale transformations. Communicate in an effective and efficient manner where stakeholders are empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace the change.

Change Management ★ Strategic Communication ★ Consultant & Freelancer ★ Facilitator

Organizational Activation Options

  • Crafting and driving employee engagement programs and culture-focused initiatives

  • Conducting stakeholder, change impact, and change readiness assessments

  • Creating and communicating vision, mission, and shared purpose  

  • Developing change communication programs for new technologies, products, and services

  • Measuring progress through quantitative and qualitative techniques

  • Organizing recognition programs to celebrate milestones  

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