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Cultivate Your Personal Brand

I had the privilege to facilitate a World Café style session focused on personal branding at Citi's How Women Shape Technology & Business networking event in Tampa.

It was the perfect venue to focus on how one differentiates themselves to be relevant and memorable. Similar to a company brand or product, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, you need to make sure what you say and how you say it resonates with your audience.

During the session I introduced a tool called the Message Triangle. This tool, widely used in the fields of marketing and communications, is designed for anyone who wants to be successful in getting across key messages in a compelling, concise, and credible manner. The message triangle concept is based on the principle that it is easier to visualize an image than it is to memorize a lot of words. A user writes their main objective in the center of the triangle with three key corresponding words around each triangle side, where all sides are equally important.

The focus can be on any target audience, from one-to-many. In this case, the participants at my table were asked to write down their objective and key words based on the reason they were attending this particular recruitment event. For example, were they a recruiter looking to hire? Were they looking for a new job? Or perhaps they just wanted to network with other professionals in the area. Depending on their objective, they aligned their three key words around their main objective to introduce themselves to their table mates. Throughout the session, they shared their experiences around using the tool and how their message stood out from others. Comments included:

“The message triangle forced me to think through what I wanted to say. Very practical and useful.”

“The message triangle helped me stay on track versus going off on a tangent and rambling on and on.”

“The exercise reminded me of how each one of us is unique. The tool helped me highlight what I offer and to stay focused.”

Concluding the session, I shared this tip sheet that helps individuals build on their messages with proof points and stories to help develop their unique value proposition. The message triangle is a pragmatic tool that can be used for any venue. With an open and receptive audience, it ensures that you communicate key messages in a way that resonates and is unforgettable. And with skeptical audiences, it helps you maintain control of the agenda.

Overall, the message triangle can help you cultivate your own personal brand, to differentiate who you are, what you do, and how you do it to stand out from the crowd. #networking #women #professional #brand #original

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